Proof ofGamer Engine
Proof of 
A revolutionary reputation engine, powered by Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning (zkML)
The Kratos generation.

In a world where gamers' data is owned by big tech
we choose to play by our rules.
We built a gamer data chain.
For gamers to own their data.
We built a reputation engine.
For gamers to flex their data.

We believe this is the era of the gamer.
The age of KGeN.
A gamer data chain, owned by gamers.
Community Size
Game Success
  • Catalysed by PoG Engine, multiple products are successfully deployed and stress tested to create engaged communities & player bases around multiple genres.
  • Gamified UA
  • Grassroots community
  • Game Testing
  • UGC
  • Esports Protocol
  • KGen Wallet
Start Building
Kratos Gaming Network is essentially a two-pronged entity, an engagement platform and an e-commerce marketplace, tailor made for billions of gamers across emerging markets powered by the P.O.G. Engine. KGeN is being designed from the ground up with the intent to solve the LTV/CAC ratio in the gaming industry, globally.
Kratos Gamer Engagement Platform
Reduce effective CAC with engagement instead of installs
KGeN builds gaming communities across genres and geography where players connect through shared passion and reputation-building achievements. These verifiable player profiles offer publishers targeted insights to tailor experiences, and build loyalty
Kratos Market Place
Drive ARPU by redeeming rewards in store.
KGeN's e-commerce platform converts gamer reputation into tangible value, enabling players to unlock exclusive rewards while providing publishers access to pre-qualified, engaged leads to reduce CAC and boost LTV.
Kratos Gamer Data Chain
KGeN Chain's robust foundation built on Ethereum's security, scalability, and interoperability provides developers secure onramps from Ethereum L1, and other chains. It simplifies web3 onboarding for web2 publishers by providing access to a unified global gaming network with 800 million players across key emerging markets.
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